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An Experienced Writing Professional

I live in Portland, Oregon and have a degree in communications and English from Brigham Young University. I’ve been blogging and writing professionally for seven years.

I’ve written for the wedding, human resources and information technology industries. Also, I’ve covered the topics of parenting, children, gardening, the Pacific Northwest, travel, books and food. For a sample of my writing, see my online portfolio. For a more complete resume, see my LinkedIn profile.

I’m happy to talk to you about your project and work with your deadlines. I want my writing to reflect the specific tone of your business or website and to be a bridge between you and your customer.

What my clients say about me and my work

I’ve worked with a number of top writers, editors and writing coaches over my years as both a fiction and non-fiction author, but none of them are better than Afton. She has excellent craft skills, insightful critiques, and has made suggestions for my work that have inspired dramatic improvements. I recommend her without reservation and plan to use her services again.

Kimball FisherBest-selling author of Leading Self-Directed Work Teams and co-author of The Distance Manager

Afton possesses a keen mastery of the English language, a dry wit, and a spirit of adventure—all essential marks of a natural writer.

Nikki KlockEditor, Vancouver Family Magazine

Afton has written for our company for a number of years. We have used her skills for brochures, catalogs and on our website. she is creative, concise and original. We have allowed her to be very hands-on for the creation and content of the material she has produced. This has resulted in her doing some research about the various topics we need addressed. I have found her charges to be fair and reasonable. She has always been a delight to work with.


What a beautiful article you wrote! You are an amazing writer. We do so appreciate it. You did catch the essence of what we hope to do here.  Thank you so much.

Valerie AlexanderOwner, Coyote Ridge Ranch

Afton is the spark. She sees organization, patterns and the intricacies in writing that bring words to life. Her coaching and constructive encouragement pushed me to write over 500,000 words this past year. Without Afton, my writing adventures would never have taken off. I will continue using her exclusively.

Jeremy ThelinAuthor of The Enganoso Series

My Services

Creative Writing

I can handle your fiction or non-fiction project with creativity and skill. I’ve written magazine feature articles, monthly columns, travel reports, book and theater reviews.

Need a ghostwriter for your book? I will work with you to create a finished manuscript you can take to an agent, sell to a publisher, or self-publish. Contact me for references from my happy clients.

Manuscript Critique

Looking for feedback on your MG or YA fiction manuscript? Whether it’s just a few pages or the whole manuscript, my critique will help your plot, characterization, dialogue and setting shine. I will track changes in your document, as well as provide a summary of strengths, weaknesses and suggested changes that will help you skip the slush pile and catch the eye of an agent or editor. Contact me for rates.

Business Writing

Don’t risk losing customers because of poorly written web or business content. Clear, concise content will help you put your best foot forward. I can help with detailed product descriptions and reviews, content marketing, email campaigns, white papers, and regular blogging. I can handle any project that requires advanced editorial and research skills.

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